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Take a look at our images showing the different techniques of what can be done to your trees. Ask a friendly member of our staff for more information and to organise a free site visit to discuss your requirements on 01932 690453


In most cases the idea of carrying out a pollard is when all of the trees limbs are pruned right back to near the stem leaving a frame work of branches to begin a new pollard. When the pollard has been completed the tree must be given time to re-grow so it has a chance to form a new shape. It is then important to keep the pollard process ongoing, so the trees shape can be maintained.

Crown reduction

This process involves reducing the size of the trees overall crown. The ends of the branches are pruned back evenly throughout the crown. This will give the entire crown a new appearance and reduce the overall size. The idea in having a crown reduction carried out is when the tree has become over mature and it is no longer capable of supporting the larger limbs it holds.

Crown thinning

Crown Thinning involves the selective removal of branches evenly throughout the trees crown. This is an effective method of allowing light to travel through the crown and allows wind to travel throughout the canopy rather than altering the trees natural shape.

crown thinning
crown lifting
Crown lifting

This process involves removing the lower lateral branches which are selected from the trees crown. This reduces the overall size of the trees crown from the bottom up. In the UK common practice dictates clearance for vehicles is 5.2 metres (17 feet), and for pedestrians 2.5 m (8 feet)

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